Beswick Veterinary Physiotherapy can currently offer a number of electrotherapy treatments. These gadgets are substantiated by current research and peer-reviewed publications, therefore having an extensive amount of research proving its efficacy in multiple species and in respected journals.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

PMFT uses dynamic magnets with a pulsed current to enhance the bodies natural repair processes, by restoring or changing a cell’s potential.  PMFT is effective for reducing muscle spasms and trigger points, reducing inflammation, fracture repair, nerve regeneration and for pain management. This makes it a useful tool in postoperative care and in many rehabilitation cases after injury.

Laser Phototherapy

Laser phototherapy uses red, blue and infrared light that is applied to an area using high intensity light emitting diodes. Energy is transferred from the light beam to the targeted tissue which alters the chemical structure within the cells of the tissue, or in the form of heat. The different colour lasers have different uses and depths of penetration. Blue phototherapy is useful in treating infected or dirty wounds, treating gingivitis and also mud fever and rainscald in horses, while infrared and visible red can penetrate deeper into the tissue enhancing wound repair, increasing circulation and also reducing muscle spasm in conjunction with manual treatment.

Transcutaneous Electromagnetic Stimulation

TENS is used primarily in animals to treat pain, the machine releases neurotransmitters that have analgesic properties. This machine stimulates sensory and motor nerves to reduce pain, and is often used after surgery. This tool can also be used in the management of chronic or acute pain caused by injury.

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